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TV on the Internet, Episode 72: Mad Bad

Things can't be spoilers if you have no idea what they're spoiling. Look! Pretty flowers!

Todd and Libby have been away, but they return to tell you of their travels. This mostly just means they saw the Breaking Bad finale a while back and didn’t want to spoil it for you. But that means this episode is filled with talk of the show’s fourth season, with lots and lots of discussion of what happened and what WILL happen. Before that, though, we’ve got plenty of talk about the season’s new comedies, including Libby’s strange theories about one of her new favorites, Todd’s thoughts on why New Girl will eventually(?) get irritating, and some discussion of the wonders of Raising Hope. Who’s that Todd? IT’S TODD!

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00:00.00-00:5.15 Todd has a new, amazing impression that he’s taken the last month to perfect and the theme song to prove it. Many excuses about our absence and music from Shannon Curtis.

00:5.16-00:58.03 Let’s talk about new (and some returning) comedies. We break down our thoughts on Up All Night, Free Agents (R.I.P.), Whitney (plus, Jaime Weinman namedrop alert), New Girl (and Libby’s spin-off theory), 2 Broke Girls and the myriad issues contained therein, Suburgatory (and Libby’s horrifying, show-ruining theory), thoughts on Community and how it’s the WORST now, a brief look at Parks & Recreation. Also, *shudders* Glee. Plus, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, The Middle, Happy Endings and Raising Hope. Plus, ugly babies.

00:58.04-01:27.14 And the main event: Breaking Bad's fourth season. Learn it, live it, love it.

01:27.17-01:31.02 All the places you can reach us when we inevitably disappear again. Wrapping up and more music from Shannon Curtis

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