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TV on the Internet, Episode 51: Clearly, This Podcast Is Cursed

Hey, everyone. It’s been a while. How are you doing? My goodness, Mrs. Tucker, that baby’s really coming along. We recorded this podcast on Friday, February 4, but due to technical issues, we had to re-edit the whole thing together from scratch. Fortunately for all of us, however, we ended up with a great special guest that made us want to stitch the whole thing together. Maureen Ryan from AOL’s TV Squad joined us to talk about a great many things, including The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, Justified, and the changing role of TV critics online. Fortunately, thanks to a recent Slate article, this has all become weirdly relevant, so you can listen to us and pretend we know what we’re talking about!

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Time code:

00:00.00-00.02.37 Weird opening, Frankenpodcast explanation, music from Seth Glier.

00:02.38-00:5.17 Actual opening, introducing the fantabulous Maureen Ryan and her list of a few of her favorite currently airing shows.

00:05.18-00:19.32 Breaking down the Chicago Code. *no spoilers*

00:19.33-01:10.53 Todd and Mo discuss internet television criticism and briefly examine just what television has against women. And heroes. (Not Heroes.) Meanwhile Libby plays Angry Birds and pipes up when she has something (rarely) to contribute.

01:10.54-01:13.14 Traffic Light *no spoilers*

01:13.15-01:23.05 Justified *no spoilers* *Unless awesomeness is a spoiler* *In which case, *spoilers**

01:23.06-01:25.24 Finishing up. Saying goodbye to Mo. More music. Where to find us.

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