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TV on the Internet, Episode 52: And the TVOTI Goes To …

Pretty people are pretty.

Two podcasts in a week? What is this? The end of the world? Todd and Libby are back to talk about many things, and it will take them nearly two-and-a-quarter hours to do so. Topics include next weekend’s Oscars, the final season of Friday Night Lights, the final season of Big Love (so far), Pierce Hawthorne’s evilness, whether there can ever be too much Ron Swanson, shows Todd looks forward to, which novel should win the Pulitzer, and whether too many people are ignoring TV’s past in favor of its present. Dig in, kids!

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00:00.00-00.04.00 A new career, music from Typhoon, introductions.

00:04.01-00:41.30 The Oscars. Picks, preferences, and Libby struggling to remember the nominees. 

00:41.31-01:03.35 Friday Night Lights. *rife with spoilage* Aren’t you sorry you don’t have DirecTV now?

01:03.36-01:19.42 Big Love, season 5. *some spoilage

01:19.43-02:06.05 Evil Pierce - Community, Ron & Tammy Part 2 - Parks & Rec, the eventual undoing of Community and Parks & Rec, shows Todd looks forward to, is Todd too big a fan of Community, Mr. Sunshine vs. Mad Love, shows we suspect we should be watching, shows we wish we could stop watching, who’s winning the Pulitzer, Paley Festival scheduling thoughts, a yearning for TV gone by, how to come back to TV after The Wire/Arrested Development.

02:06.06-02:09.01 Finishing up. More music from Typhoon. Where to find us.

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