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TV on the Internet, Episode 61: Podcasts Are Magic!

This week, Todd and Libby accidentally let you in on what they’re doing in their spare time, then take you through a host of big episodes and finales, including the second season finale of Justified, the fifth season finale of 30 Rock, the third season finale of Fringe, and the last Michael Scott episode of The Office (as well as the first episode without Michael). They also find time to discuss awesome season finales, answer your questions, and explain why titties are a sometimes yay.

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00:00.00-00:25.55 Intro and music from Jared Mees and The Grown Children. Hypothetical, fictional baby names. Accidental My Little Pony FRIENDSHIPISMAGIC!!!11 review. Intentional review of The Office and Michael Scott’s departure. Also, why don’t some Office fans like Parks and Recreation?

00:25.56-00:29.20 Brief theories on Doctor Who. *some potential spoilage*

00:29.21-00:41.23 Surprise(?) Top 5: Todd lists his top five season finales since 1980.

00:41.24-01:10.59 Five viewer mail questions: sports fan confusion, long running shows with late season high points, titties: good or bad, Emmy overexposure, and spaceship shows Libby has viewed.

01:11.00-01:22.24 Finale and season two of Justified.

01:22.25-01:29.18 Finale and season five of 30 Rock.

01:29.19-01:40.50 Finale and season three of Fringe.

01:40.51-01:42.41 Brief thoughts on finale of America’s Next Great Restaurant as well as the most important television moment of the week.

01:42.42-01:46.25 Finishing up, what to expect next week, more from Jared Mees and The Grown Children, where to find us.

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