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TV on the Internet, Episode 70: It Doesn’t Take Rachel McAdams Getting Hit By A Bus For People To Realize They Like Each Other

Strathairn needs 75% more crazy hair.

Todd and Libby invite some guests over because apparently that’s the only way they can ever record podcasts anymore. Joining them this week are Alyssa Rosenberg of Think Progress and the Atlantic and Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings and The A.V. Club. Included in the discussion are the surprise shows of the summer, whether Aaron Sorkin has made the Obama presidency seem more disappointing, just what’s up with Unforgettable, and the unrelenting racist overtones of True Blood. Enjoy!

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00:00.00-00:4.37 Todd’s special relationships and music from Viva Girls. Introducing this week’s guests, Myles McNutt and Alyssa Rosenberg.

00:4.38-00:52.26 We take a look at our summer TV happy places including Suits, Alphas, The Hour, Awkward., Switched at Birth, Downsized, Misfits and touch on some returning shows like, Rescue Me, Entourage, True Blood and Futurama.

00:52.27-01:43.24 Reader mail questions including: Frank Darabont and The Walking Dead, Glee 3D, revisiting shows you’ve soured on, Unforgettable, Michael Ausiello, rhetoric, Obama and The West Wing, conservatives and True Blood, Christians and Ayn Rand, the West Memphis 3, and things Libby likes.

01:43.25-01:46.12 Wrapping up. Where you can find us. Another call for merchandise suggestions and more music from Viva Girls.

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